Coumarin is the music project of German singer and songwriter Andre Westerholt.

Marriage of meaning and aesthetics is one of Coumarin’s major principles and leads him to one very vital focus point in his art: honesty. While treading the richly occupied grounds of popular music, this exact candour and the undertones of indie, folk, and punk music influences give Coumarin the nature that makes him stand out from the rest.

In the ultimate endeavour of self expression, Coumarin has set no creative boundaries for himself in his attempt to elevate the form while staying true to his musical ancestry.

As of today Coumarin has released 9 stand-alone singles, two of which were featured in Australia’s largest music and entertainment magazine Happy Mag and have furthermore garnered attention from the likes of EARMILK,, Mystic Sons and many more.

In 2021 Coumarin was one of only 4 annually featured artists in Stuttgart’s most influential lifestyle magazine, Geheimtipp Stuttgart.

Coumarin is currently based in Stuttgart, Germany and has released his brand new single ‘New Descent’ on July 1st 2022.